Ninja Mega Kitchen System Full Review

After many requests I’ve decided to try out Ninja’s newest product – the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. This contraption in summary is like the “Swiss-army knife” of kitchen appliances, taking the standard blender, juicer, processor, and mixer, and transforming them into one powerful cohesive unit.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System arrived 3 weeks ago after I bought it from the official website for $179.80, and I’ve since been testing a variety of blends including fruit smoothies, carrot juice, peanut butter, and crushed ice for party drinks.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Full Box

After a thorough review and some experience with the product, I’ve come to know all of its little quirks (good & bad), and to appreciate such magnificent craftsmanship.

I know you’ve guys been patient with me, so lets get this review started!

What’s In The Package:

Like any new product, the first step is to get the thing unboxed, and then to play around with it until you’ve figured out how it works. Luckily the Ninja Mega Kitchen System box is packaged conveniently, and the parts are assembled so you don’t have to do any guessing with what each part goes with. There’s also directions if you need them. Anyway, here’s what’s in the box:


If you order the standard package, without all the accessories, coverage plans, etc. this is what you’ll get:

  • 24 0z. mini prep bowl blade
  • To-go single service cups and lids (x2)
  • Bowl and pitcher lid with locking handle
  • Spindle for 24 oz. mini prep bowl
  • 4-blade assembly (bowl)
  • Dough blade (bowl)
  • 6-blase assembly (pitcher)
  • 72 oz. pitcher
  • 64 oz. bowl
  • Gear shaft
  • Single serve blade
  • Motor base
  • Power cord

It also comes with a directions manual, customer service/support card, and an Inspiration Guide with a few dozen short recipes (not the best). If you’re looking for some cool things to make I’d highly recommend checking out these books:500 Smoothies and Juices

- The Ninja Blender Handbook: 50 Fast and Easy Recipe

- Bob Warden’s Favorite Ninja Recipes

- Breakthrough Blending: Creative & Delicious Recipes for Your Ninja Blender

- 500 Smoothies & Juices: The Only Smoothie & Juice Compendium You’ll Ever Need

The Different Configurations:

With a multitude of parts there’s quite a lot of different configurations you can choose from. I’ll walk you through them.

1. Single Serve Blending Configuration

Single Serve Configuration

To the far right on the control panel is a “Single Serve” option which is used for the single serve cup. This button, unlike the other three (Dough, Blend, & Crush), is automatically set to a pulse. This means you have to hold down the button continuously to blend. The manual pulse feature is especially helpful when you’re gauging the severity of your desired blend, and when you need to quickly cut something up. Unlike the Ninja Pulse Blender which requires you to hold down the single serve cup, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System just blends with the push of a button.

2. Food Processor Configuration (Large, 64 oz. bowl)

Ninja Food Processor Configuration

The Ninja Kitchen System (the model before the “Mega”) had one flaw that drove me and other owners crazy. They shaped the bowl in a square fashion, which led to gunk getting trapped in the corners. With the now and improved Ninja Mega Kitchen System this problem is now no longer. The newer system now has a more round bowl – which makes complete sense.

3. Food Processor Mini Prep Bowl Configuration

Food Processor Mini Bowl

As shown in the picture, the mini prep bowl actually rests within the larger 64 oz. bowl. This setup is great if you’re looking to quickly slice up some vegetables, chocolate chips, nuts, etc. Also for first time use with this setup, test it before actually putting any food in, as it can be a little tricky to work at first.

4. 72 oz. Blender Jar Configuration

NInja Blender

At last we have the standard blender. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System really hasn’t evolved a whole lot from the normal Ninja BL660 Professional Blender and Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender because the design already was near perfect. A few adjustments were made for the single serve cups, but other than that it’s just like any other great Ninja Blender.

How Well Does It Work:

In summary, like most of Ninja’s products, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System works wonders. There’s very few products where the claims on the packaging don’t lie, and the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is one of them.

Here’s a video of me running a quick test smoothie with some frozen fruits and bananas:

The smoothies was indeed delicious! If you like your smoothie cold then I’d advise freezing the fruit before-hand, buying it frozen, or adding some ice to the mix.


Containing 1500 watts, this thing truly and noticeably possesses an incredible amount of power. Whether you’re looking to turn ice into powder, carrots into liquid, or batter into dough, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System has the power to pulverize anything into your desired outcome. It also can handle much lighter tasks should you need it to.

Being Ninja’s most expensive product, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is manufactured with complete durability, a fine longevity, and sturdy parts; however, should you accidentally break or drop something, you can simply buy that individual part on Ninja’s website. This way of business is far superior than that of other kitchen appliances companies who prey on planned obsolescence.

The manufacture behind the Ninja product line has also made some great improvements including the addition of 4 large suctions cups and a small lever to lock the base on the counter. With the weight of the base and the massive amount of suction the cups contain itself, you can be assured your blender won’t be sliding around.

Ninja Mega KItchen System Switch and Cups

The second improvement to the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the advent of the single serving feature, which is what most people want anyway in a blending system. After contemplating users feedback, Ninja finally came out with the single serve feature for those who just want to make a quick fix of something and be on their way, instead of having to clean out an entire pitcher of gunk.

The only downside is that Ninja’s single serving cups aren’t compatible with previous Ninja blenders.


Like I alluded to earlier, the single serve feature requires that you hold down the single serve button in order to blend. So you can’t just push it and walk away like you can with the other configurations. This is convenient anyway, as it won’t take more than a minute to blend whatever is in the single serve cup.

Pros and Cons

After baking up quite a great deal of things with my Ninja Mega Kitchen System I’ve come to know the positive and negative aspects of the appliance very well.

  • Blending diversity. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System handles everything you need to cut-up food whether it be a blender, juicer, mixer, or processor
  • Strength. This blender truly has a powerful motor that can handle any crushing, slidicing, cutting job you need
  • Lock feature and suction cups prevent blender from mysteriously slide across the counter
  • The 72 oz. blending jar contains a large pouring spout to quickly serve up drinks
  • Easy to use. The system doesn’t require a background in rocket science to operate it
  • A premium product. Although it’s not a Vitamix ($600+ blender) it’s the best consumer product for its price

  • Although it’s not really easy to escape it for any blender, the sounds is rather apparent
  • Blades are sharp (you need to make sure where your hands are at all times)
  • If you’re a “serious juicer” (as in you’re the type to go weeks living off juice) this might not be the four-figure quality you’re looking for
  • It’s heavy (16.7 lbs). If you’re frequently moving or using it for camping – it isn’t as mobile as you might like






What System to Get?

If you’ve gotten this far in my review you’re most likely deciding whether you should buy this thing or not, waging the cost, and where to buy it.

My honest opinion is: if you’re looking for an excellent blender, juicer, mixer, and food processor then the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a MUST have.

There’s nothing I’ve encountered on the market that is even comparable to the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (for its price).

The cost might be hindering your from buying it (as it did me), but look at it this way. In the long run the Ninja Mega Kitchen System will save you money, create far superior blends, and eliminate the need for other similar kitchen appliances. If you lets say go to Target and purchase a cheap plastic $60 blender, the chances are it’ll only be in operation for barely a year (planned obsolescence). You’ll have wasted your money, been unsatisfied with a mediocre blender, and creating unnecessary waste for the environment.

Do yourself a favor – put up the extra cost upfront – and you’ll thank me later.

Ninja System Pic

Warning: Like any popular product, there is a plethora of scam websites that claim to “be the real manufactures” of Ninja products. Please, when shopping for your Ninja or any online product, be aware that the site you’re purchasing from is the official website and isn’t just trying to steal your credit card number.

>> Click Here to Visit the Official Ninja Website <<

I hope you found this review insightful. If you have any suggestions for what I could add, questions, or reviews of your own please comment below.

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